Submission style Grappling Rules
Submission styled grappling rules are designed to have a more exciting match with more emphasis on Submitting your opponent without the worry of giving up points or advantages. Matches will have a time limit due to a tournament format of the event. Some events will have gi and No gi for competitors, see event for attire.

Standard attire rules apply for all divisions whether gi or no gi when applies. Standard rules also apply to what part of the Gi or no gi attire may be grabbed or held.

TIme Limits
Adult 18-34yrs 8 mins Adv & intermediate 
Adult 18-34yrs   5 min Beg 
Adult 35yrs & over 5 min all levels
Teens 14 -17yrs 4 min all levels
Kids   4-13 yrs 3 mins

Referee may stop a match when he feels a competitor is in danger of being injured or is possibly unconscious.

In the case of No submission win, there will be a overtime in which the first person to score a point will win. There are NO advantage points.

During overtime, pulling guard or sitting to guard is NOT allowed unless a throw, sweep or submission is attempted within 3 seconds. A competitor attempting to sit or pull guard without a throw, sweep or submission shall be stood back to the feet without grips and restarted. Two illegal guard pulls or sitting shall be disqualified. Using illegal submissions or positions will result in disqualification. Submission Positions out of bounds will be brought back in the ring and restarted in the same position.

NOTE-There is NO knee Reap rule.

Points are given for the following during overtime:
A)Throw or takedown in which the throw is controlled once hitting the ground for 3 seconds
B)Mounting both back or front and or the back grab position where both hooks are in. (Crossed feet is not a point)holding 3 seconds.
C)Passing of the guard when controlling on the ground for three seconds
D)Knee on belly  or guard & 1/2 guard reversals when controlling for 3 seconds

All Youth 17 and under shall follow normal rules for submissions allowed per age groups, (see for submissions allowed per age groups) Youth are separated by either weight or age, Experience is also considered when separating. Event staff has the right to combine divisions to allow competition

Rules for submissions are as regular per BJJ belt rank when the event has BJJ ranked divisions.

When separated by experience and NOT belt the follow rules apply for adults.
Beginner or White belts(12 months & under)-Legal submissions, Chokes, arm locks,straight ankle locks, wrist locks

Intermediate or blue belts with less than 3 years Experience (13 months-35 months)-Legal submissions, Chokes, arm locks,straight ankle locks, wrist locks

Advanced Blue belts with more than 3 years training, purple, brown and black(3 years and above)Legal submissions, Chokes, arm locks,straight ankle locks,Knee bars, toe holds, biceps and calf slice, wrist locks

Illegal for all adults and will be disqualified during the match at any time are:
A)Using a submission that is not allowed per your belt or experience division.
B)Heel hook or twisting foot lock, Neck crank front or side
C)slamming your opponent to escape a position or submission
D)Fleeing the ring to escape a position or submission
E)Biting, Pinching, grabbing a finger or toe, attacking the eyes, fish hooking,cursing, mocking your opponent and any other bad sportsmanship during, after or in between matches. 

Your coach may also get the competitor disqualified by yelling at the referee or trying to interfere in the match at anytime or by acting with bad sportsmanship at any time.

F)Coaches must sit in the coach chair(one person per ring per competitor) A coach who keeps standing or getting out of their chair during the match shall be disqualified from the match and must leave the coach area.
G)Interfering with ring staff shall not be allowed and may result in disqualification.

Kids/Teens- will be matched as close to weight and experience as possible, we do reserve the right to combine divisions to allow competition. 16-17 yr olds may use a straight ankle lock.



The Smokey Mtn Grappling Open is a Submissions style tournament and does not follow IBBJF  rules.
Please see rules below for details.