Smokey Mountain Grappling Open

Sat. May 21, 2016
 Gi and No gi for all Ages
 SUBMISSION STYLE RULES, SEE Rule link for info.
Alcoa High School
532 Faraday Street Alcoa, TN 37701-2072
Endorsed by  Tenn. BJJ Federation 
Maximus Kimonos 4 Man invite No gi (with heel hooks)- prize 250.00 (send resume to apply)
Grand Championships cash prize for winners
Mens Gi Brown-Black 100.00
Mens No GI all levels-  100.00
Mens Gi white-Purple- 100.00
Womens Gi all belts- 50.00
Womens No Gi all levels- 50.00
Women's prize money is less due to the lack of female fighters, If we have 15 total
over all women compete in the tournament per gi and no gi we will increase the prize money

Teens May not compete in Grand championship unless they have competed as an adult

Registration & weigh in's Fri 7-8pm at Event Site &
Sat. 8:30am till 30 min's before your division starts 
9:30am Referee Meeting

9:45am Rules meeting

10:00am National Anthem

 Divisions Start at the stated time below, You should arrive early to warm up.

10:30am Gi & No Gi Kids  Gi 

11:00pm Gi Women - All Ranks 

12:30pm Gi Blue, purple belt  men

1:00pm Brown and Black belt men

1:30pm-GI White belt men

2:00pm Maximus No gi 4 man invite

3:00pm All Adult No Gi(must be registered by 1:30pm to compete)

Grand Championship will not start until all gi and no gi is finished, you must win 1st place to compete in Grand championship in your division.

To Register by Credit card please call 865 973-0944
Pre registration via credit card is only taken Mon-Fri-10am-3pm EST
Deadline to register via credit card is May 18th 2016
Credit card registration 1 div. 53.00, 2 div. 65.00​

Pre Registration All ages 1 div. 50.00, 2 div. 60.00    
money order or certified check only
(must be postmarked no later than May 15th for Discount)

At the Door 60.00 1 division 75.00 2 divisions  NO refunds 

NO CHECKS AT THE DOOR! From ANYONE!   Pre Register and Save!!

 10.00 for spectators and coaches
Coaches not in the list must present a business card to receive a coach pass(One per academy only)

Weight for 18-34 yr old
up too 135,136-150, 151-165, 166-179, 180-194,195-214, 215 & up

Weights for Master 35 and over :Gi and No gi up too 160, 161-179, 180-199
200 & over 

Women all ages combined-weights gi & NO gi- up too 131, 132-150, 151 & over

Kids & Teens- Gi divided by  weight 1st and age & expeirence 2nd

 Girls 14-15 & 16-17 will be one divison and will not be separated by weight

16 and 17 yr old Male or Female may compete in the adult class with parents permission, Please sign up as Adult. They may not compete as Adult and teen!

To:532 Faraday Street
alcoa, TN 37801
Number and Street: