Tenn. State Jiu-Jitsu  Championships

Custom diecast Medals in all divisions
Alcoa HIgh School Gym 532 Faraday St. Alcoa,TN 37701
Endorsed by  Tenn. BJJ Federation
Sat-Registration & weigh in's starts at 8:30am till 30 min's before your class starts
We will as well have Weigh in's & Registrations on Friday Night at the Event site(alcoa high) from 6:00-8:00pm
Certified check or money order only.Pre Reg must be received or Postmarked by  Sat July 6th for discount
Adult No Gi Registration & weigh in's till 2:00pm
Divisions Start at the stated time below, You should arrive early to warm up.
Gi & No Gi Kids 10:00am Gi will be first then No gi after Gi is done
Gi Women - 11:00am All Ranks
Gi Blue, purple belt men 12:30pm (are in Separate divisions, Note Weights and ages are below)
Adult Black and Brown belt Open- 1:00pm
GI White belt men- 1:30pm
ALL Adult NO-Gi   3:00pm
Adult No Gi classes are separated into
Beginner up too 12 months, Intermediate 1-3.5 yrs,  Adv. over 3.5 years
Note: BJJ Blue belts must compete at Intermediate or higher-Wrestling expeirence does count!

  Pre Registration 
Pre Registration  50.00 for 1 division 60.00 2 divisions
Must be post marked by Pre Registration by July 6th for discount money order or certified check only

Cash only At the Door 60.00 1 division 75.00 2 divisions  NO refunds
NO refunds
NO CHECKS AT THE DOOR! From ANYONE!   Pre Register and Save!!
10.00 for spectators and coaches-Coaches must present a business card for their coaches tag and may request two tags only-(coaches do not get in free)

Weights for all adult men and Gi and NO Gi 18-34yrs: up too 135,136-150, 151-165, 166-179, 180-194,195-214, 215 & up
Weights for Master 35 and over :Gi and No gi up too 160, 161-179, 180-199,200 & over
Women weights gi and NO-GI up too 131, 132-150, 151 & over
Kids & Teens- Gi and No Gi Kids may be grouped by weight 1st & Experience only

16 and 17 yr old male or Female may compete in the adult class with parents permission, Please sign up as Adult.

Local Hotels: Holiday Inn express 130 Associates rd. Alcoa TN 37701 (865)981-9008